Resist Movement Infrastructure

Since September 2020, The Resistance Movement has been busy migrating to Nation Builder which is used by all the major political parties. This is in preparation for our own move towards a party structure. We will soon be rebranding and giving you further updates on this. All members who join up receive a regular newsletter and at present we only ask for donations. The response to our movement founded by Chris Williamson has been phenomenal and this prompted our migration.

While we keep this site active for updates, we will be working on our new dynamic website. Regional hubs are now available to join through the Stores tab on our Facebook page and Regional zoom meetings are now being organised throughout the UK. We are seeking two Regional Organisers for each Region. Please contact us via our email if you can give your time for these positions. Without these we cannot move to local branches.

We are currently also in the process of designing memberships and of course planning next year’s conference which has been repeatedly delayed due to the Covid restrictions.

We hope you continue to follow our progress and please spread the word about our movement.