The Chronic Collaboration Protest & Rally

The Chronic Collaboration Protest & Rally

WHEN: Monday 20 th September 2021, 1PM

WHERE: NICE HQ, 2 Redman Place, London, E20 1JQ

Resist member Nicola Jeffery has launched a new campaign group with her partner,
The Canary journalist Steve Topple. Called The Chronic Collaboration, it is the new
Resistance Movement for Chronically Ill and Disabled People. The group will be
joining the dots between conditions: resisting the psychologisation of medicine and
treatment and fighting for justice and equity. It has its first protest on 20th
September at 1pm – and it needs Resist member’s support.

The Chronic Collaboration has been created in response to the recent refusal of the
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to publish the long-awaited
treatment guidelines for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME, also known as chronic
fatigue syndrome, CFS). Many people living with ME would like to protest this
decision, along with the years of medical neglect and mistreatment they have faced
due to the psychologisation (it’s ‘all in people’s heads’) of ME/CFS after the
scientifically flawed PACE trial, which was part funded by the Department for Work
and Pensions.

Not only has this caused medical abuse in patients with ME, but it’s also having a
huge impact on the treatment of, and further investment in, many other patient
groups: from people living with chronic pain and medically unexplained symptoms
(MUS) to fibromyalgia and long Covid. There are literally millions of people globally,
and thousands of disabled people with ME in the UK, who are desperate for their
voices to be heard, represented and taken seriously in many cases. But to do so
they need your help. They need as many allies as possible who are prepared to
come out and support The Chronic Collaboration’s protest outside NICE’s HQ
in London on 20 September at 1pm. Details are in the attached flyer. This is for the
thousands of people living with ME who want to attend themselves but are just not
well enough to go to a protest in person. You can share your thoughts on social
media using #ProtestNICE4Me and #PublishThatGuideline.

For more information, email or check out
its social media @TheChronicColab

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