Comrades! At our recent conference in Nottingham in October, there was an indicative vote in favour of Resist starting the process of registering as a political party.  Consequently, the interim steering committee has agreed to take the following steps: We will arrange an initial away-day with our regional organisers to plan a series of public meetings around the country.  The aim of these gatherings will be to assess the level of support for a new party in different regions.  We then intend to hold a policy conference for Resist’s members to determine what the policy programme should be for a new party.  That will then form the basis for a manifesto. But we need to build the number of Resist’s subscription paying members before we can realistically aunch a plausible political party.  We anticipate that we will recruit new members when we embark on the nationwide tour of public meetings, but we also need your help in recruiting new members too. Resist is already part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), which contested the local elections earlier this year, and we have two seats on TUSC’s steering committee.  We intend to remain part of TUSC even after our registration as a political party has been completed.  It is essential to collaborate on the left if we are to succeed in building a credible electoral force. However, an electoral strategy on its own is inadequate.  We have already witnessed the limitations of an overemphasis on such an approach with the destruction of the Corbyn project inside the Labour Party.  We have seen how the Establishment will use fair means or foul to prevent anti-imperialist socialists getting their hands on the levers of power.  It is therefore absolutely essential that we continue building a collaborative grassroots social movement to underpin any engagement in electoral politics. More than forty years of neoliberalism has had a devastating impact in terms of inequality, poverty, and potential climate catastrophe.  The mainstream political parties are complicit in this dysfunctional system, which is why we need to develop an alternative. Your support is vital in helping us to succeed, so I hope you will be able to attend any public meetings that take place in your region. I know the scale of our task is enormous, but when we stand together in solidarity, anything is possible. Best wishes


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