Our Steering Committee

Changing the political status quo won’t be easy. Better to start today than leave it to another generation.

Chris Williamson - Resist Movement

Chris Williamson

Founder of Resist Former Labour MP for Derby North. Vegan and animal rights champion.

Dave Roberts - Resist Movement

Dave Roberts

Director and Steering Committee member for Resist.  Founding member of the Socialist Labour Party, lifelong community activist and anti-imperialism campaigner.

Sian Bloor

Director and National Coordinator for Resist. Former Trade Union officer, Teacher and small business owner.

John Bernard - Resist Movement - Membership Co-ordinator

John Bernard

   Treasurer and Membership  Co-ordinator. Lifelong, socialist. Wide-ranging occupational background in health care, contract negotiation, IT and data management.

Shamsher Chohan - Resist Movement

Shamsher Chohan

Director for Resist. Communities and Fundraising. Shamsher has worked to address inequalities in communities for over 30 years.

Jurgen Wolf

Chair of the Steering Committee. Lifelong Socialist, fighting imperialism and Apartheid, having supported Free Press in Southern Africa and the Middle East for decades.

John Maher

Campaigns Co-ordinator

Trade Unionist and Socialist,  considers the LP to be a failed project that will always prioritise the needs of the few and not the many. He engages in helping like-minded Comrades work towards building a political movement that will serve the millions, not just the millionaires.