Statement on the appeal from the labour left

We believe that the Labour Party, is no longer a credible vehicle for Socialism and has become redundant. The Party machinery, including HQ, regional offices, the PLP, NEC and Conference Arrangements Committee, are under the control of the establishment’s puppets, intent on eradicating Socialism from the Party which they have successfully infiltrated. Even, given the slimmest hope that a Socialist might get on the ballot in a future leadership contest, they will have to contend with the
concerted attacks from the mainstream media and other elements of the Establishment endured by Jeremy Corbyn and Michael Foot before him. This will be the reality that any Socialist leader will have to deal with. The left leadership and major Trades Unions failed to act decisively from 2015, and there’s no guarantee they will do so in future.

We believe that it is time to accept reality, stop wasting valuable time and energy on this failed venture, and embrace the exciting challenge of creating a new vibrant, grassroots movement embedded in ever community and workplace across the nation, free from the fifth column of self-serving careerists, whose only purpose is to represent the interests of corporations, elites and themselves.

We can change the narrative, which the establishment and their agents have created, by making use of the new left media, social media platforms as well as doorstep and workplace conversations. Together, we can also recreate the hope-driven mass public rallies, which inspired people to deliver Labour’s largest ever share of the vote since 1945.

Imagine what we could achieve together, as a broad alliance of Socialist groups, Trade Unions and community groups, intent on challenging the lie that neoliberalism or, indeed, Capitalism will ever work in favour of ordinary people, free from establishment infiltrators, dragging us down like an albatross around our collective necks and working to lose elections instead of winning them?

Poll after poll showed that the policies of the 2017 and 2019 Labour manifestos, were hugely popular with the public. Together we can provide that radical Socialist programme for change, but not within a Party where Socialism is a dirty word and Socialists are made so unwelcome.

Labour has also, shamefully, become a racist endeavour. Far removed from the Party that helped free Nelson Mandela and eradicate apartheid in South Africa. Starmer’s right-wing driven Party has ‘unequivocally’ embraced the racist apartheid regime that is Israel. Conflating anti-Semitism with
criticism of this vile apartheid regime, is not only deeply repugnant, it is extremely dangerous.

It is also noteworthy, that under Starmer’s ‘leadership’, more Jews have been suspended and expelled from the party, than at any other time in Labour’s history, a number of whom had family members who perished in the Nazi genocide. In contrast, those espousing Islamophobia and anti-black racism are welcomed back with open arms, whilst the Forde Report gathers dust, ignored by the patsy media to ensure that the rot, at the head of the snake, isn’t exposed to public scrutiny.

 If we can set aside vested interests, personal ambition and political differences, we can work together today, for a better, fairer and kinder tomorrow.

We can provide a radical Socialist platform, to challenge the economic lie, that has been exposed by the COVID pandemic. The magic money tree, that is always shaken when embarking on illegal wars, or bailing out bankers, should be used to improve the quality of life for ordinary people. As the late Tony Benn once said: “If we can find money to kill people, we can find money to help people”.

Together, we can shape an economy that can provide:

In conclusion, Resist, wishes to work alongside all groups, organisations and individuals who wish to see a society run in favour of ordinary people.

We urge fellow Socialists to resist calls to persevere with attempts to change the unchangeable and instead, focus those energies on a fully democratic, grassroots movement, free from the self-serving interests of corporate elites and others, that can remove power from the few and place it into the hands of the many.