Press Releases

Members of Resist have voted in favour of registering as a political party.

Resist have been building steadily over the last 20 months despite the setback of the pandemic disrupting its initial momentum. It has become one of the many Left wing organisations filling the vacuum created by disillusioned Labour Party members and supporters.

Earlier this year Resist was proscribed by the Labour Party along with Labour against the witchhunt, Labour In Exile and Socialist Appeal. Once the political arm of the working class and Unions the Labour Party is now seen as a hostile environment for Socialist and Left wing supporters alike.

Former Labour MP, Chris Williamson, who helped to found Resist said: “The Labour Party no longer represents the interests of working class communities.  It is in the pockets of global corporations which are responsible for chronic inequality and potential climate catastrophe.

“We, therefore, need to build a meaningful alternative to the broken political system.  Our aim will be to help galvanise political and civil opposition to the existing dysfunctional status quo.  So we will continue to encourage collaboration with other socialist parties and with civil society too.  

“We will retain our seat on the TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) and continue to work closely with the Workers Party.

“We know that changing the political status quo won’t be easy, but believe we have an obligation to future generations to try.

“I would urge anyone interested in creating a good society to join us as we embark on this epic journey.