Changing the political status quo won’t be easy. Better to start today than leave it to another generation.


We are a grassroots movement which aims to empower communities and workers through democratic, practical and political means. We will develop activities that build trust, capacity and skills, to promote industrial democracy and reduce inequality, eradicate poverty and improve the quality of daily life for all, around essential and innovative environmental policies. As an anti-imperialist and internationalist movement, we will work to build solidarity with progressive and liberation struggles around the world, and seek to unite communities, movements and organisations in the UK. By working together to raise aspirations and achieve practical solutions, we believe that anything is possible.


We will argue for a very different method of measuring economic success, where the elimination of poverty is centre stage, and government prioritises the wellbeing of the public instead of boardroom greed.


We will be pressing for a massive expansion of worker cooperatives to address the obscene income inequality in the workplace to ensure workers enjoy the full benefit of their industry.


We will be demanding that all public services are run by the public, for the public, through transparent, democratic governance structures, which means bringing all the outsourced public services back inhouse.


We will be insisting that utilities and other strategic companies are run in the national interest instead of free market capitalists, which means bringing them into democratically accountable public ownership.

We will be calling for all public institutions to be accountable to local communities through both local elections and participatory budgeting.


We are promoting a bold agenda and we plan to bring community and political activists together to create an unstoppable momentum for change that politicians will find impossible to ignore and to ensure those elected to represent us are held to account.